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Handling Pallets with a Pallet Conveyor System

When your business involves handling pallets or moving pallets you will be able to improve productivity and profitability by installing a fully powered roller and chain conveyor system. You may also need other equipment which can be included within the system such as scissor lifts (which is a type of platform that can usually only move vertically by means of folding supports in a criss-cross "X" pattern), work stations and weighin stations. Pallet handling conveyor systems can generally handle up to around 2000 kilograms. 

How is a Pallet Handling Conveyor System Designed?

Generally the designers will consider a full range of powered roller conveyors. The rollers can can in different diameters and widths. Where the workload is heavy or bulky chain driven rollers and conveyors can be used.

What Are The Benefits of a Pallet Handling Conveyor System?

There are many benefits within a factory or warehouse environment for using a conveyor pallet handling system including:

1. Pallets can be constantly in movement to and from workstations or machinery.
2. There is less need for the use of forklifts, which can reduce staffing and operating costs and also improve safety standards.
3. Less room is needed for a pallet handling conveyor system than would be required if forklifts were used.
4. Once the system is installed maintenance costs and procedures will be relatively low.
5. Pallet handling systems will be more reliable than manually operated systems.

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