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Chain Conveyors

A chain conveyor is generally used for moving large or awkward objects along and through a production line. 

Chain conveyors use a powered motorised system with a continuous chain arrangement and the materials being conveyed are moved along and around an assembly line (such as an automotive conveyor) or around a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Benefits of Chain Conveyors

1. Easy to install with fast assembly
2. Minimum maintenance for the owner
3. High load carrying capacity
4. If parts of the chain become worn or need replacing this can be done without replacing the whole chain
5. Chain conveyors run quietly
6. The conveyor can run at up to 20 metres per minute
7. Different sizes and types of chains can be used depending up the requirements of the user
8. Ability to move awkward and odd shapes parts and objects

How Chain Conveyors Work

Chain conveyors are primarily used for heavy loads. When the load is position onto the chains friction is used to pull the load forward.  Chain conveyors are commonl used in the car and automotive industry moving car parts along the production line. Chain conveyors are also commonly used in the painting and coating industry where the products can be attached to an overhead chain keeping the products off the floor.

Mobility Engineering specialises in the custom design and manufacturing of chain conveyor systems. Give our specialist team a call on 01925 755923 or contact us for a free consultation.

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