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Bottle Conveyors

Bottle conveyors are primarily used in food and beverage production and one of the areas that most people will find most interesting is the use of bottle conveyors for bottling beer!

Smaller breweries will tend to send their beer by bulk to large bottling facilities which have bottling systems with specialised bottle conveyors.

What Is a Bottle Conveyor?

A bottle conveyor system is one that will allow for mass flow of bottles, accumulation of the bottles, pressureless filling, merging and dividing of bottles and also rinsing, sterilisation and testin for leaks.

In our example of bottling beer - the following processes will take place:

1. The bottles arriving from the supplier will be depalletised, and they will then be rinsed with water or air.
2. They then have carbon dioxide injected into them to reduce the amount of oxygen in the bottle. 
3. The bottles then travel along the bottle conveyor where it enters a "filler" which fills the bottles with beer and also possibly a small amount of carbon dioxide or nitrogen to disperse any remaining oxygen, as oxygen in the bottle can ruin the product.
4.The bottles will be passed by the bottle conveyor into a "capper" which applies bottle caps to seal in the beer. 
5. Finally the bottles enter the labelling machine and a lot number and date and time of bottling will be printed on the bottle.
6. The bottles will again pass along the bottle conveyor to a packaging area where the bottles are boxed or packaged up.

Depending on the size of the bottling plant there are many different types of bottling machinery and bottling conveyors available.  Mobility Engineering has been involved in the design and manufacturing of a whiskey bottling line amongst others (see our testimonials page) and the team at Mobility are able to provide expert advice on any type of bottling conveyor or system. Contact us or call us on 01925 755923 for a chat about your bottling requirements. We can provide you with a free initial consultation.

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