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Benefits of Gravity Roller Conveyors

Have you wondered what happened at airport security before there were gravity roller conveyors to assist with security checks of hand luggage, laptops and other electronic equipment?

We are all familiar with unloading our bags, electronic equipment, keys and other items into plastic trays which are then whisked away through a security scanner and all being correct they roll out at the other end of the conveyor for us to retrieve our belongings.

This process would be a lot more difficult if gravity roller conveyors were not in place to assist with the processing of our hand luggage. A gravity roller conveyor does not require power to move items along - in the case of the luggage in the plastic trays are the airport, they move along easily with a helping hand from the security personnel or passenger, and many of the conveyors use gravity to move the trays along after they have passed the security scanner.

The benefits and advantages of gravity roller conveyers over other types of conveyors are:

  • Cost effectiveness in terms of power use (no actual power supply is needed)
  • They are very easy to install and are reliable, only requiring minimal maintenance
  • They are modular in design, meaning they are very flexible and can be utilised in many ways
  • They can be linked to the end of a powered system where packing or accumulation is required
  • Roller straights are the building blocks of these systems, but curved roller units, personnel gates and spurs can also be added easily.

Further information on gravity roller conveyors - or please contact us to discuss your conveyor requirements. Get a conveyors quick quote.

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