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Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyors

A flexible gravity roller conveyor is based on a conveyor beam made from aluminium or stainless steel. The conveyor can be extended or retracted to suit the required length for the process it is being used for and it can also be formed into curves and bends as needed. Products can travel directly on the conveyor or sit on pallets or carriers.

The Advantages of a Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyor


1. Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyors can be worked around obstacles, keeping production lines moving in more difficult or confined spaces.
2. They can be made at different levels to suit different processes.
3. They can be used in many different environments, including food packaging, case and box packing, pharmaceutical industries, warehousing and retail stores.
4. As they are relatively easy to move around they are extremely useful for loading goods on and off trucks.
5. They are gravity conveyors - so have minimal running costs!

Maintaining a Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyor

Maintenance is vital, but also relatively simple for these types of conveyors. Checks should involve looking for signs of wear and tear on parts, checking for correct alignment of parts and ensuring parts remain tightly bolted and in place.

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