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Belt Conveyor Systems

A belt conveyor is a durable and reliable system most commonly used in automated distribution, food production and warehousing . Belt conveyors provide businesses with an efficient retail, manufacturing and distribution network. Without conveyors the movement of products throughout a manufacturing or distribution process would be much more labour intensive and effectively, inefficient.

A belt conveyor system will:

1. Allow large volumes of products to move rapidly through a process;
2. Make it possible for businesses to receive or ship higher volumes of product, using smaller storage spaces;
3. Reduce labour costs.

PU and PVC Belt Conveyors

PU and PVC belt conveyors are commonly used to transport items such as food products, items with irregular shapes or smaller items that could fall between rollers (or modular belt conveyors).

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belt conveyors are constructed from a series of links, generally made from PVC or PU. They have multi-functional purposes and as they are made from links they can be:

1. Made from narrow links to suit a particular product;
2. Opened out into a more grid-like construction which allows air or water to be passed through the belt (which is not possible with the PVC/PU belt conveyor);
3. Grips can also incorporated to ensure products stay on board on inclines.

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