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Frozen and Temperature Controlled Foods

The markets for temperature controlled and frozen food is becoming very important around the world. Logistics processes for refrigerated and frozen foods are becoming more challenging and demanding. Some of the major players in this area are the supermarkets, whose sales are increasingly moving to online sales, where products are picked and packed at central food storage warehouses, and then shipped out to customers on the required date and time. This whole process can be very energy intenstive and in addition strict health and safety requirements have to be taken into consideration.

Frozen Foods in the Warehouse

Some areas of a food processing or distribution warehouse must be temperature controlled to as low as -30 degrees centrigrade (-22 degrees fahrenheit) in deep freeze areas. Gravity roller conveyors or powered roller conveyors may be used in these areas and the technology needs to be able to work reliably in these freezing environments. 

What Happens to Roller Conveyors in a Frozen Food Area

Different types of materials will shrink differently at extremely low temperatures and metal parts may shrink differently than those made of plastics of polymers. It is important that the designer of the conveyor system ensures that the materials used and the temperatures at which the conveyor system is operating are taken into consideration, otherwise roller conveyors used in freezing conditions will become useless.

The design team at Mobility Engineering has over 40 years experience in designing roller conveyors for the food industry. Call us for a friendly chat about your conveyor system requirements.

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