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Conveyor System Components

Ensuring that you have the correct type of conveyor system for your business processes is extremely important as it can affect the productivity of your production or warehousing business.  There are many different types of components that go to make up a conveyor system and here we are going to look at plastic conveyor wheels.

Plastic Conveyor Wheels

The wheels that we are referring to are the components that fit into the ends of the rollers on a gravity roller conveyor or powered roller conveyor. 

Benefits of Plastic Conveyor Wheels

There are many benefits of plastic conveyor wheels and they can be used in situations where a steel wheel may not be appropriate. Some of the benefits are:

1. They are low noise
2. They are generally made from shock resistant polymers (such as Polypropylene)
3. They can be used in environments where delicate goods are being conveyed
4. They can be used in areas which are prone to humidity or deep freeze areas.

What Types of Products Can Be Conveyed 

Roller conveyors with plastic conveyor wheels are suitable for products such as boxes and items with a flat, stable base. 

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