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Count Down To Christmas

Last week we talked about the benefits of conveyor systems, particularly in warehousing sites, in the lead up to Christmas. Courtesy of Business Insider UK, we have some photographs which shows what happens with picking and packing (with the help of pickers, packers and conveyor belts!) inside the Amazon warehouses.

At this moment tens of thousands of Amazon workers are packaging up millions of products being bought as Christmas gifts from the huge online retailer.

Distribution Centres

Amazon has nearly 90 distribution centres which, if put together, could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic swimming pools!

The photographs below show some of the ways that Amazon uses conveyor systems to move products through it's warehouses!

Overview of an Amazon Warehouse


Conveyor Belts for Moving Products


Roller Conveyors for Packaging


Gravity Roller Conveyors


Christmas Elf?

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