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Food Conveyor Belts

Choosing the correct conveyor belt when you handle food production is one of the most important details when installing a conveyor system. The type of material used for the conveyor belt is extremely important and if the wrong type of belt is installed then this can lead to more downtime, safety issues and effectively reduce your production rates.

Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Mobility Engineering have been producing food grade conveyor systems for clients in the food processing industry for many years. Our main product within this area is the PVC or PU conveyor belt

Design of a Food Conveyor

However, it is an essential part of our consultation and design process that we discuss with our customers details of the products that are to be handled. This will include:

  • What the product is made from.
  • How big is the product and what size is it.
  • How fast the product is to be conveyed.
  • How the product will be loaded onto the conveyor system.
  • Are there any inclines or declines to be taken into consideration.
  • Is the product a wet or dry product, and at what temperature will the product be handled in.

There are also many other design and production questions that must be taken into consideration, and these are handled by our experienced design team. 

We have many testimonials from happy clients in the food and beverage industry. If you are considering updating or installing any part of your food conveyor system, then give us a call, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

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