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Chain Conveyors

Many industries use chain conveyors as part of their production line. They are commonly used in the automotive industry where the chain conveyor sysem will convey the car parts along the production line and through the painting processes.

In fact, chain conveyors are often used in industries where any kind of metal or painted finish is required as they allow for easier application of the paint. Also the products are kept off the floor which also aids painting as parts and products can be attached to an overhead chain conveyor.

Chain conveyors can also be very useful when transporting heavy loads such as pallets, large boxes/crates and any kind of industrial container. 

Chain conveyors can be single or double chain strand in configuration and they are generally easy to install and have minimum maintenance requirements.

Our specialist team at Mobility Engineering is happy to speak to you about your chain conveyor requirements. We will consider any type of installation and we have many satisfied customer testimonials from around the UK. Give us a call!

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