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How Conveyor Belts Have Changed

Conveyor belts and their use can be dated all the way back to around the 1700s. Back then they were pretty rudimentary in design and were usually used for moving grain over long distances.

Historically, conveyor belts were original made from leather or canvas and have wooden frames - things have moved on a long way since then! 

Conveyor Belts in the 20th Century

By the time we moved into the 20th century conveyors were not only being used for transporting grains but were being used in mines and in the car and construction industries. In the USA a conveyor belt was constructed which was underground and over five miles long where it was used to convey coal.

The longest conveyor belt in the world currently is in the Sahara and it is 60 miles long. It is also used in mining and is used to transport phosphate from the Bou Craa mine.

Modern PVC Conveyor Belts

Modern conveyor belts are now generally manufactured from synthetic materials such as PVC which can be easily cleaned and maintained. In fact modern conveyor belts have practically eliminated the need for expensive maintenance and can be maintained simply and easily.  New technologies are constantly keeping conveyor belts today moving forward (literally!) and computers are now used to control sophisticated actions and with the increased use of automation this means that costs are reduced and productivity is increased.

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