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Moving Pallets

Powered Roller Conveyors can provide the transport links between warehousing, production and picking and despatch where moving pallets is involved.

If powered roller conveyors are not used, then often the only mode of transport would be to use forklifts, which can lead to additional labour costs, human error, capacity shortfalls and possible breakage and damage to pallets.

Moving Pallets

The ability to move pallets around is essential in many warehousing, production and distribution industries and this is where chain driven powered roller conveyors prove very useful.

Powered roller conveyors for moving pallets are some of the most robust and heavy duty types of powered conveyors. Products may be fed onto the conveyor system using machinery or forklifts.

Conveyors for moving pallets can be either stand alone or fully automated zero pressure accumulation systems. 

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

Chain Driven Powered Roller Conveyors for moving pallets are generally constructed from powder coated mild steel. They are generally of a simple and robust design with mild steel zinc plated rollers. Different widths and lengths can be utilised depending upon the loads and applications the conveyor will be used for.

Mobility have been in roller conveyor design since 1974 and are based in Lymm, Cheshire. We design, develop, manufacture, install and commission high quality conveyors and pallet moving/handling systems from our purpose built factory. Our talented team of engineers, designers and project managers deliver bespoke solutions to suit a variety of customers from a wide range of industries.

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